Throw away your keyboard and mouse, and start thinking to your computer

Technology and telecommunications entrepreneur Tan Le who co founded SASme (a pioneer in providing SMPP platforms to telecommunication carriers and content aggregators) and was named Young Australian of the year in 1998, these days is trying to scale up something which came a long way from being just a dream and vision. A vision to introduce immediacy of thought to the human-machine dialogue.

The Emotive Systems headquartered in San Francisco was founded by a team of renowned scientists and entrepreneurs. The founding team consists of recognized neuro scientist Professor Allan Snyder, chip design pioneer Neil Weste and entrepreneur Nam Do along with Tan Le.

Based on the developments in neurotechnology Emotiv has already developed a new revolutionary interface for human-computer interaction. The Emotiv EPOC wireless neuro headset captures, understand and processes the thoughts in your brain to carry out actions on your PC. The real life application possibilities across industries like gaming, healthcare, security, market research etc has already got them partnerships with the who is who of research and investment world. Emotiv is also actively involving the developer community by offering them software kit to create applications that can be controlled by your mind.

If you really feel the urge to pick up one of those head sets, you can head to the Emotive online store. Check out the videos below to get a feel of the entire concept.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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2 Responses to “Throw away your keyboard and mouse, and start thinking to your computer”

  1. Bhanu Suresh August 11, 2010 at 1:51 am #

    A guy also had made something similar to this. Forgot his name. Guess he is an Indian guy. He used to gestures to do similar stuff

  2. Frasere'd August 11, 2010 at 8:15 am #

    Wonder how it would be to have somebody hack into your device and make the controller device do something that is totally unpleasant..Maybe at some point in time, where these things would be a part of your life like our cellphones and other stuff, it would be a very interesting scenario.

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