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Agriculture has been an out and out male bastion, not only due to the sheer magnitude of physical labor that needs to be put in but also because of the fact that the research that often goes into such a field requires the researcher to travel extensively looking for strains that may change the way world looks at certain products.

Sally Fox

Image courtesy Paige Green Photography

It is into this field that a lady named Sally fox walked in quietly and changed the way we wear our dresses today. Long ago, colored cotton was cultivated in Indo-Pakistan, Egypt and Peru. However, with industrial revolution came industrial cotton looms and with that the colored cotton disappeared, primarily because colored cotton was short fibered and difficult to process in looms. Long fibered cottons were white in color and thus cotton became white worldwide.

This was until Sally fox discovered certain strains of brown colored cotton. This led to extensive research and ended up creating commercially viable long fibered colored cotton. Apart from having given world this great discovery, she is also credited with bringing about a revolution in using safe environmental friendly methods of pest management for agriculture. Combining both these interests, i.e. her concern for environment and interest in cotton cultivation and related spinning and weaving, she was able to harness her energy towards creating a wonderful variety called FoxFiber. In 1989, she opened a company called Natural Cotton Colours, Inc. Today, she designs fabrics with her cotton and continues research. The world owes a lot to this lady who has determined as to how we dress today and use cotton fabrics, which is considered to be most eco-friendly of all fabrics.

Thank you Paige Green for the lovely picture.

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