Alison Bailey Vercruysse is building a brand legacy around childhood happiness and memories with her 18 Rabbits granola bars

18 Rabbits were thrilled and proud when they sold their 1,000,000th granola bar in February, 2010. Founded by Alison Bailey Vercruysse in 2003, the 18 Rabbits brand  did this in less than two years with their  great tasting granola and granola bars that are certified organic, kosher and wheat free. In a market space jostling for brand recall, mileage and innovative market spiels, 18 Rabbits seems to have quietly carved a substantially big niche for itself by harping on “childhood happiness and  memories of its flavors and smells” as the ‘worth ‘ of its brand and is quite successful. 18 Rabbits builds its granola and bar products around a revamped recipe from founder Alison Bailey Vercruysse’s childhood. Sweetened with honey and maple syrup, the granola and dried fruit bars contain a third of the sugar of other bars on the market. The company highlights the simplicity of its products though its wheat- and dairy-free ingredients  and use a range of familiar fruits such as coconuts, bananas and raisins to provide both a familiarity and comfort to 18 Rabbits’ products.

“Our product is as clean and simple as possible. I don’t want to muck it up,” said Ms. Bailey Vercruysse. “I believe that consumers want to understand the ingredients on a label and look for bars that don’t have ingredient lists that read like a candy bar.”

Alison Bailey VercruysseAlison grew up in Texas eating organic foods due to her mother’s dedication to healthy, tasty and culturally inspired food. Family members from all generations gathered in the kitchen of Two Lost Valley Lane to bake delicious treats using farm fresh ingredients. As an adult, after several years working at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Alison’s passion for food led her to San Francisco where she delved into the world of baking and pastry arts at both Citizen Cake and Taste Catering. In 2003 Alison began creating granola cereal and granola bars from the nuts, honey and fruit produced by farmers she met at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. It is those same farmers that. Alison has come to know and trust over the years whose ingredients provide the pure, distinctive taste that evolves with their terroir. You can literally taste all of the natural goodness in 18 Rabbits foods. Alison earned an MBA from the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University and a BBA from Southern Methodist University.

Alison Bailey Vercruysse’s clear positioning of 18 Rabbits, that focuses on ‘happiness quotient and health’ , creating it around the fondest childhood memories, and relying on a process that encourages and sustains the community’s contributions, in terms of produce and bringing food back to its roots through simple processes seem to have ensured a popularity curve that’s hopping rungs by the day, one granola bar at a time.

An introduction to 18 Rabbits.

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