The iphone will now help you with your party drinks for free, courtesy the Wine Sisterhood

The Wine Sisterhood, creator of a popular digital community devoted to promoting wine conversations among women, has brought out their  first iPhone application called the Drink-U-Lator, meant to solve the problem of how much wine, beer and spirits to have on hand for your upcoming holiday parties. The Wine Sisterhood is the world’s first digital community to connect female consumers with the creation of new wines. Through an innovative, interactive, online community, the Wine Sisterhood, in “crowdsourced” fashion, helps guide Canopy Management brand development. The Wine Sisterhood is engaged in the process by participating in surveys and opinion polls and sharing their observations and insights.

drinkulater-wine-sisterhood“One of the most commonly asked questions is how much wine and other adult beverages does one need when planning a party,” explains Terry Wheatley, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Canopy Management Wine Company of Napa, California, the wine company behind the Wine Sisterhood social networking campaign and the creator of Canopy wine brands, a nationally distributed portfolio including Middle Sister, Purple Cowboy, pro-mis-Q-ous, Monogamy and other fun wines available for under $15. “We decided to create an app which would guide our fans in figuring out how much they might want to have on hand for their next gathering.”

The free app, created by mobile development company Mediaegg, is simple to use. You just select the number in your party, chose whether you plan to serve wine, beer or spirits or any combination of beverages, then toggle a simple slider to estimate the percentage of your guests who are wine drinkers. The app quickly calculates how many bottles of each beverage to purchase as a guideline.

“We donate wine to many charitable events and are always asked for help in determining how many bottles are needed,” explains Wheatley. “We just took our knowledge and transformed it into an easy calculator to be used by consumers planning their own events–from holiday dinners and open houses to weddings and beyond.”

The Wine Sisterhood Drink-U-Lator app is now available at the iTunes App Store. The Drink-U-Lator notes that quantities are suggestions only and promotes responsible consumption. Says Wheatley, “The holidays mean festive gatherings. The Drink-U-Lator results are a guideline–if you have leftovers, save them for your next party. Always have non-alcoholic alternatives to enjoy. And, in the spirit of the season, be sure your guests find their way home safely.”

The promo of Sweet & Sassy Moscato, crowd-sourced by followers of the Wine Sisterhood, a 10,000+ member digital community

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