Lessons in Brand Management, courtesy Lady Gaga at the Google Sessions

Entertainment and technology are two fields married to each other for the benefits they mutually share. Any form of entertainment that brings along a generous dash of glamour and hype has always been utilized by organizations, especially in the technology sector to feed a sense of pride and brand loyalty amongst their employees and other stakeholders. They mostly achieve their desired results often as in the case of Katy Perry visiting the Facebook HQ and Snoop Dog making his presence felt at the Twitter HQ. But when Google got Lady Gaga to visit their pad, it was also an exercise in finest branding lessons delivered, specially for those who managed to look beyond  the sheer entertainment value it offered.A welcome video snippet created by Google to welcome Lady Gaga to the stage was so thought through and well created to display the might of all the strengths Google had in its quiver. The video displayed its might in search, user generated video assemblage and analytical prowess – the entire session showed Google’s strength in orchestrating group activities with attention to the finest detail. Unlike an Apple conference where the success of the session is dependent on one man, the Google session displayed engagement, interaction and a greater level of participation -  all carefully crafted and synchronized towards shouting Google is the place to be.

Lady Gaga, who has proved to be  more than just a singer, has been creating impact and news across fields as diverse as designing fashion accessories, consumer electronic gadgets to recently designing a prayer bracelet to power up the Japan Tsunami Relief Funds. She is an absolute genius when it comes to Brand Creation, creating visibility and more importantly in sustaining the brand credibility through quality tracks and nurturing fan relations. Branding Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta to Lady Gaga turned things around not just for her, but gave the digitally spoilt  world a star- a concept critics had announced mission impossible in the digital world. Her attire and fashion sense might look weird and ridiculous in our normal point of view, but what she has achieved is a total acceptance and preparedness to be perceived in any manner. This gives her complete liberty to follow her artistic visions without surrendering her creativity to any external boundaries and standards.

What she does or wears will not attract criticism as it would for other celebrities as she has prepared and curated the world to be ready to expect the extreme from her. In the video below she mentions a key point about how her fans have become blind about her attire which helps them to focus completely on her music. It is the smartest achievement in eliminating any possible noises and aberrations a product might get in a market. Getting millions of her fans to shutout everything about her personal life, looks, gossips but just to focus on her music is  sheer genius. But please remember that all her efforts and genius acts would prove futile if her music would have been of inferior quality. Ever noticed how her loud electronic and funky tracks sound great and feel soothing even on acoustic versions? The video below has the answer for that too.

Apart from writing her own lyrics, conceptualizing the video and outlandish costumes, she composes all of her tracks, and she does it on the piano. Staying strong and firm on creating unadulterated music in its core, she ensures that her creations are of superior quality, adaptable to varied preferences without affecting its quality. Think about other brands and businesses in the real world and how they struggle to adapt to a new market or preference. It is also not difficult to spot brands trying to cover up inferior products with over hyped marketing and promotional efforts.

When it comes to customer engagement, Gaga is an institution to learn from. At the core of her customer engagement is one simple factor – she loves her fans to the core. She keeps them updated on what she is up to and each message sounds authentic and genuine. Have you noticed how she even successfully branded her fans as monsters and there are millions of monsters proudly wearing that tag? In the video below you would also see how genuine she is as she interacts with some of the monsters at Google. Utilizing the face-time with some of the most active netizens and technology brains to spill beans on her upcoming directorial debut was sheer genius. The big “exclusive” news revealed that Lady Gaga is directing the video for “Judas” herself, along with creative director/choreographer Laurieann Gibson. She said of the song itself that, “yes, the character Judas is the one from the Christian Bible, though she may be getting a couple of the book’s stories twined together. Fans should “expect to see some symbolism,” some of the lyrics below:

When he comes to me, I am ready. I’ll was his feet with my hair if he needs, forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain, even if after three times he betrays me. I’ll bring him down, I came with no crown.

Gaga said it’s about “honoring your darkness” to bring yourself into the light.

Do not just enjoy this video, give attention to every detail in it.

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