India Offers Unexpected Advantages For Women In Business

Women are acutely underrepresented in near every segment of venture capital, private equity and finance in the U.S. The reasons are well documented and discussed–and cries to increase female representation, achieve gender parity and receive better intra-industry treatment are ongoing and mounting.So what does the situation look like overseas, in Europe or an emerging market, for example? Likely worse for women, right?In India there were at least 10 major financial institutions with powerful women at the helm; still underrepresented versus men, but formidable and highly visible. Interestingly, this triangle of blame holds no one and nothing else accountable. Sarayu Srinivasan, an investor currently investing in and advising early and growth stage technology companies and venture and private equity firms in the US, Europe and India, throws light on ground realities on how things might me better in developing countries for women in business. Read the whole article here

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