Vickie Wessel’s Spirit of excellence finds itself in the Top 50, again

Vicki Wessel’s Spirit Electronics, based out of Phoenix, Arizona finds itself in the Top 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies again, compiled by the Women Presidents’ Organization, a peer-advisory group for multimillion-dollar women-owned businesses in association with American Express OPEN. Spirit Electronics, established in 1979, Native-American, woman-owned, it supplies products and services to Department of Defense, aerospace, and telecommunication industries that encompass Electronic Component Distribution, including passive components, discrete semis, memory, interconnect, RF/Microwave and electro-mechanical devices.

Vickie Wessel

Vickie Wessel, President | Credit :

Vicki Wessel had found a place in the Top 10 American Indian Entrepreneurs compiled by Inc. magazine in 2010, garnering 144.56% growth in 3 consecutive years, posting a revenue of $32.7 million in 2009. The Supply-chain ecosystem that Vickie Wessel has put in place, along with the enterprises that have found place in the Top 50 are all remarkable in their unique struggle to attain their place under the arc lights, far removed from the existing perception of success stories that seem to have originate only from Silicon Valley.

Spirit Electronics is also a torch-bearer in the women-led enterprises from the Native Indian population that have turned to be inspirational and motivational that would influence others to follow their dreams and make success stories out of them.

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