Middle East takes on Breast Cancer with BrasForACause campaign

With the growing number of breast cancer survivors in the Middle East, something as small as finding the right bra and prostheses post-treatment can play a tremendous role in the healing process – both emotionally and physically.

BrasForACause Middle EastHowever, finding the right bra in the Middle East isn’t always easy nor affordable. The lingerie market in the Middle East  offers little for the growing number of survivors who simply cannot find what they need locally. Aiming to change that, One Wig Stand and Fustany.com have teamed up this year on an inspiring Breast Cancer Campaign entitled “Bras for a Cause” to bridge the gap between Middle Eastern fashion designers and breast cancer survivors. The first stage in this Campaign is a bra design contest, calling all regional fashion designers, fashionistas, artists, graphic designers, illustrators, students and anyone with a passion in fashion to design a bra or t-shirt for this cause – including the “Her Bra” bra design category to design a bra for a breast cancer survivor to meet her specific needs.

Anyone interested in taking part has until June 26th to submit their design sketches for any of the five diverse categories, based on the individual’s fashion background and interest. From the “Designer Piece” Bra Design Category for established fashion designers to the “Such a Tee-s” T-shirt Design Category, everyone has a chance to take part and show their support for Breast Cancer survivors and awareness.

All entries received will then be evaluated on the Bras for a Cause website during a public voting phase to get everyone involved in determing the winners, followed by a final decision by our esteemed Jury, which includes prominent Breast Cancer survivor Evelyne Accad, Shirene Rifai (the Editor-in-Chief of UMagazine Jordan and Lebanon), TV personality Rosemin Manji, lingerie specialist Tiffany Karam Youssef from K-Lynn Lingerie brand and creative designer Rana Salam (who also wrote the widely-popular “The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie”).

All the winning designs will then be brought to life and produced for the fashion shows planned in Dubai and Beirut (in September and October respectively). Designs by top-name fashion designers, including Issa London and other big names, will be auctioned at these exclusive events to raise funds for regional Breast Cancer organizations and to produce more pieces for the upcoming line.

The third and final stage of the Campaign will be the launch of the “Look Good Feel Good” Collection across the Middle East. The “Look Good Feel Good” includes three lines of production, the first of which is Bras for Breast Cancer survivors, which will be donated to the Breast Cancer groups for distribution to the women who need them. As for the second and third line, which include the Bras and T-shirts, these creative pieces will be sold in Department stores, Boutiques and Online Stores within the Middle East. Full proceeds will be going to the Breast Cancer organizations we’re working closely with.

Bras for a Cause is a regional initiative that everyone can get involved in to support this important cause while also getting people talking about breast cancer in a more open way to eliminate the taboo that comes along with it. With many exciting activities along the way, Bras for a Cause aims to raise awareness about breast health and help women who have had breast cancer in a fun, creative campaign – one fashionable bra at a time!

The BrasForACause campaign in the Middle east : An Overview

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