Oprah’s inspirational moment from Sheryl Sandberg’s speech at Barnard

Oprah Winfrey was on the Facebook Live chat with Sheryl Sandberg, at its Palo Alto, California, headquarters, regaling and revealing the ups and downs in her journey as she ‘followed her bliss’, being in the saddle of OWN as CEO as things stand now, recouping her energy and directing it with a renewed sense of purpose in firing up the network. oprah winfreyWith her team from OWN and Harpo in tow,  her enthusiasm to get to the bottom of the online social media dynamics was obvious, with reports of the traffic of Oprah.com falling 50 percent since the closing of her talk show. Faced with testing times as viewership is at a dismal low, way behind predicted figures, she seems to be banking on the two new shows debuting this Fall, Rosie O’Donnell’s “The Rosie Show ” and Paige Davis ( the former host of TLC’s popular “Trading Places”) with “Home Made Simple.” In addition, Oprah herself will launch a nightly show where “where she presents the top lessons she has learnt over the last 25 years of presenting her chat show.”

The one hour chat is a must -watch for anyone who dares to defy challenges to turn things around, as she did, and at one point candidly refers to her moment of inspiration when things were not moving the way it was supposed to be, ” Well, I heard you speak, it was theBarnard speech, where you said ” what would you do if you were not afraid?” That was exactly what I ask myself when I was deliberating, shall I end this?”

 The complete chat of Oprah Winfrey at the Facebook Live event.

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