News Corp’s Teri Everett, senior VP of Corporate Affairs is stepping down

The Senior VP of Corporate Affairs and Communications for News Corp is stepping down after a 12-year stint in Murdoch’s empire. At the helm during one of the worst PR disasters on a global scale that any company has ever witnessed, Teri Everett had additionally took on the position of VP Corporate Affairs post departure of Gary Ginsberg in 2009.

Teri EverettAccording to LA Times, Teri had mentioned “that she wanted to leave because she was “ready for something new,” late last year, while the company was caught thick in the middle of the phone-hacking scandal that even saw the shut down of  the News of the World newspaper in the United Kingdom.

The Guardian event had went ahead with publishing of a list of  “4,332 names or partial names, 2,987 mobile phone numbers, 30 audio tapes of varying length and 91 PIN codes, of a kind required to access the voicemail of the minority of targets who change the factory settings on their mobile phones” – the list has since been taken down.

“I am immensely grateful to Teri for leading our communications efforts so adeptly in recent years. Teri gained not only the trust and respect of all who worked with her — but my great appreciation as well,” said Murdoch in a statement.

When she exits on Feb 10, she would be the third high-level executive from  News Corp to have left the company since December 2011. Her Los Angeles counterpart, Julie Henderson, will now become senior vice president for corporate affairs and chief communications officer. She has managed corporate communications for the company’s West Coast companies such as movie studio 20th Century Fox.

Henderson will split her time between Los Angeles and New York, reporting to Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey, according to the statement.

Al- Jazeera’s Listening Post on the News Corp Hacking Saga.

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