Kate Upton, from obscurity to Sports Illustrated cover girl, courtesy a viral video

Kate Upton, on last count has 184,291 followers on Twitter, has been in Sports Illustrated twice (the latest as the cover girl ), has her amateur video of doing the Dougie has racked up 3,363,988 hits, and by all means, would be the pioneer Fashion Model Celebrity of the Internet. She has become the latest ‘phenomenon’ of the fashion world even prompting Ivan Bart of IMG Models to comment in a recent interview on Kate Upton in NYT, “Kate is bigger than fashion, she’s the Jayne Mansfield of the Internet.”

Kate UptonA  champion equestrienne, overcoming hurdles must have been a delightful challenge, going by her unwavering focus on attaining her goals. She must be one of the rare models who burst into the international fashion scene with already a huge fan-following and her unmistakable ‘clout’ in the social media that promised to add even more ‘momentum’ to the journey ahead to fame.  Though her forays into modelling started back in 2008, it was after her sign-up with IMG in NY and her break with Garage as the face for most of her campaigns that put her on the road to ‘popularity’ and then, more significantly, her GUESS portfolio.

The first major milestone was her appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011, “wearing carefully-placed body paint rather than a swimsuit”, and then her video that was uploaded in April 2011 proved to be the gateway to her becoming  the current ‘Model Celebrity’ she is, even being compared to the legendary Jean Harlow .

It didn’t take long for her to be the covergirl of Sports Illustrated for 2012. For someone who had been categorically brushed aside for being “too obvious” a face to be featured on the planet’s most viewed runway show, Victoria’s Secret Show, her career graph, post her latest success just might change all that and might even make the traditional sentinels of fashion eat humble pie. Kate’s career is also a stark reminder of the power of the social media that can take you all the way to the top of a billion-dollar enterprise, sidestepping the traditional routes to fame. Is it time to say, move over Heidi, Tyra and Gisele ? Not too soon, but who knows?

Kate Upton’s video that vent viral.

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