Stonyfield Yogurt co-founder Meg Cadoux brings out her survival guide for entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is easy. Trust me it is, for the entrepreneur. But that is not the case with the people who are close to him/her, like his/her family and friends. It is not to say that journey of an entrepreneur is without any hardships. It sure is.But they are so driven by the zeal, focus, goal and some spiritual force that keeps them going. Most of the time it is the family, friends and the closed ones who bear the brunt of this, as they constantly find themselves in situations they are not prepared to handle.

Meg Cadoux HirshbergDo we realise that the reason for many startups and ventures failing is not because they were inferior projects? Neither did they fail because the founders did not have enough ability. But they failed because the founders buckled under the pressure to succeed from their immediate circle. Entrepreneurship is also about throwing yourself and your immediate dependents into a deep, dark abyss, makes you lonely, gives you sleepless nights, shoot up you frustration levels, constantly reminding you of things around that are spinning literally out of your control. The stress and strain these can cause on your loved ones is huge.

This is the subject author Meg Cadoux Hirshberg has covered in her book, ‘For Better or For Work‘. Families are involved and at risk, right along the entrepreneur. The reality is “entrepreneurial business is never a solo venture,” she said in an interview Thursday before her speech to the Richmond chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners for its 14th Annual Enterprising Women of Excellence Awards dinner.”People growing a business are taking on two consuming tasks,” Hirshberg said: the company and the family.

Hirshberg probably commands a fair degree of authority to write on this topic. She is a contributing editor and columnist for Inc. magazine, which as we know focuses on entrepreneurships and business life as a whole. She is married to Gary Hirshberg, co-founder and chairman of Stonyfield Yogurt which is the largest organic yogurt company in the world.

The book helps you with guidelines on how to chase your goals without sacrificing your relationships.How does someone who is obsessed, live peacefully with others who are not? That question summarizes the quandary faced by company founders and their families. To answer it, author Meg Cadoux Hirshberg examines the impact for better and for worse of entrepreneurial businesses on families and relationships, and vice versa.

The subject of this book itself is probably one of the reasons successful entrepreneurs and investors advice entrepreneurs to stay single if you are dead serious about their venture. Else it would be just making hell out of your life, your partner’s life as well the venture. Wish Hirshberg comes out with a book to help the close circle of an entrepreneur to understand, support and live peacefully around an obsessed, manic, crazy entrepreneur.

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