Arianna Huffington gets Lauren Kapp for global strategy, more AOL under her control

Tim Armstrong with Arianna Huffington after the merger

Arianna Huffington has brought onboard the senior vice-president of NBC News Lauren Kapp as the senior vice president, global strategy, marketing and communications (a newly created role) for HuffPo and will be the second-in-command for the Huffington Post, reporting to Ms Huffington. This move comes at a time as Huffington Post is revamping its business functions with AOL, with some of the key units that include Technology, Marketing and Communications, even Business Development will now be directly reporting to her, while she reports to Tim Armstrong.

Currently president and and editor in chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, the Huffington Post and its bundled AOL sites together that form the Huffington Post Media Group continues to garner eyeballs, more the AOL flagship site, her power and influence in the scheme of things is becoming a formidable proposition inside the media house.

Lauren KappLauren Kapp joins at a time when the Huffington Post is gearing up to launch a streaming video network with 12 hours a day of live programming to be launched by the end of June. It is also planning to launch a magazine like app that would come out weekly and would contain highlights of the site, according to a report at the New York Times.

As Senior Vice President, NBC News Marketing and Communications, she had overseen the nation’s number-one news division’s marketing, promotion, brand strategy and public relations, including its executives, business initiatives and programming. “Today,” “Nightly News with Brian Williams,” “Dateline” and “Meet the Press” were her priorities. She also managed the division’s internal communications, and oversees corporate philanthropy programs. Kapp is expected to lead Huffington Post’s expansion into new markets and the impending launch of its streaming network.

For a decade, Lauren has been an innovator and key adviser at NBC News, helping that historic and venerated brand maintain its standing and expand its audience during a time of tremendous upheaval in media,” Huffington said in a statement on Thursday.With launch of their international editions, with more, we are sure that would follow, the new magazine app and the launch of the 12 hour live programming channel, Lauren Kapp will have her hands full, devising strategies in a key advisory role to Ms Huffington.

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