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ShopLocket is for those who just do not need a full online store that also comes with its ‘setting up and maintenance’ fees. What if you just want to sell a few items via your blog or your personal website without the overhead of an online store ? Katherine Hague, who realised there was room for a scaled down version of existing storefront solutions as she desperately looked around for a way to sell t-shirts she’d had designed went ahead to create a solution in the marketplace that met her needs.

And being a self-confessed fan of Shopify, she wanted it to be stylish, great on design, fantastic on UI, effortless setting-up and a fair transaction system. ShopLocket is a great solution for someone with only a few products to sell and a desire to sell them within existing websites / blogs / social channels without the overhead of an online store.

Katherine HagueKatherine Hague worked as an independent digital media consultant, Shopify Theme Developer, and in a variety of Marketing positions for Toronto-based startups before ShopLocket happened. Along with co-founder Andrew Louis, their solution, going one step ahead of Gumroad (which allows you to share a link of a product in your social circles that takes you back to the product display case), makes it easy to showcase your product for sale in two ways.You could embed ShopLocket anywhere ( Katherine Hague says “If you can embed a YouTube video, you can embed your product“- its that easy ), and also link people to your item’s product page on from anywhere. Think: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. ShopLocket believes their solution should help people sell – without getting in the way of the product.

Here is a Live Demo of ShopLocket !

Right now, the embedded images, on click through, will take you to the respective product’s “display case”, from where payments can be collected using any PayPal email address or Stripe. All it needs for the Seller to do is naming one’s product, uploading images, adding a description, and publishing, which is fast and ‘painless’.

ShopLocket charges a $2 listing fee, that you only pay when you sell your first item, plus a 2.5% ongoing transaction fee. Unlike the current personal e-market places like eBay which for example has a flat listing fee regardless of whether you sell or not, and a 9% transactional fee, for someone who wants to put his old records, books or for that matter any limited quantity merchandise, ShopLocket is a great way to get it to your prospective buyers.

As of now ShopLocket  embeds lead you to the display case page where one can buy the product but the experience would gain more traction , stickiness and conversion if there is a “Related/ Featured” other products displayed along with the product. Something, which, we figure should be in the works. With regard to personal blogs, ShopLocket as of now cannot be embedded on, the planet’s biggest blogging platform with an average of 340 million people viewing more than 2.5 billion pages each month.

With 1,500 users at the time of their official launch on April 25, ShopLocket’s mission of helping people learn how to sell online – quickly, without any risk and an extremely low barrier of entry will surely be the factors that would power and enable their enterprise in the online marketplace.

ShopLocket : An Overview.

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