3 Women Innovators in the Innovator Spotlight at the 3rd Privacy Identity Innovation Conference

Privacy Identity Innovation, the only tech conference focused on exploring how to protect sensitive information while enabling new technologies and business models now underway at Seattle has 3 Women- founded startups – Joanne Lang founded AboutOne, Emily Marshall and Kiran Gollu co-founded CoupleFire and Alisha Outridge founded tapTank that would be featured today in the Innovator Spotlight series.

PII 2012The pii2012 Seattle program that features over 70 speakers, thought leaders and innovators, will look at the latest developments in areas like Mobile apps, Geo-location amongst others in the 3 day event that concludes on May 16, 2012. Featured speakers include Linda Avey (Curious, Inc.), Tricia Duryee (AllThingsDigital), Allison Cerra (Identity Shift), Christine Herron (Intel Capital), Amber Case (Geoloqi) and host of luminaries from the digital economy who will, “through a series of keynotes, roundtable discussions and demos, will help you navigate the quickly-changing landscape so you can avoid the pitfalls and chart a course that is “win-win” for you and your users,”according to the organisers.

Here are the short bios on the 3 women-founded start-ups selected for the Innovator Spotlight showcase today. The founder of each company will give a five-minute presentation on stage today, and the Audience Choice Award will be presented on May 16th.


Founder and CEO: Joanne Lang
Headquarters: Paoli, Pennsylvania

AboutOne is an online family organizer that turns your phone into a remote control for your life, working with your existing calendar and contact tools so you can automatically organize, store, and share family memories and household paperwork. Through web and mobile apps, AboutOne guides you along the path to organization, rewarding you along the way for meeting your organizational goals.

Founder & CEO Joanne Lang launches AboutOne.
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Couple Fire

Founders: Emily Marshall and Kiran Gollu
Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Couple Fire is like Facebook with privacy, just for couples. We let couples create stunning virtual bulletin boards together which serve as a record of their relationship, a live journal of the present and an endless canvas for their dreams for the future. It is a private repository for things couples want to share with one another such as photos, notes, links, events and ideas. They can upload their own content, clip from the web and get inspired by beautiful images, date ideas, conversation starters, trip ideas and quotes in the Inspiration Center posted by the Couple Fire community. Live since Valentine’s Day and are particularly popular with couples in long-distance relationships (including the military).

Couple Fire : An Overview.

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Founder and CEO: Alisha Outridge
Headquarters: New York, NY

tapTank is a life game website that enables individuals to design the life they want to “Be-Do-Have” and take advantage of their social graph to achieve those goals while self-tracking their success on a daily, weekly, quarterly or annual basis. It’s like a FitBit for achieving your dreams!

tapTank : How it Works
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