Julie Larson-Green, the new boss of Windows.

Julie Larson-Green

With the leaving of Windows and Windows Live President Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft also enters a new phase in leadership in one of its most significant domains – as Julie Larson-Green takes over, to lead all Windows software and hardware engineering. A two-decade old Microsoft ‘veteran’, she would, along with Tamil Reller who is the Chief Financial Officer and and chief marketing officer ( and would be retaining her  responsibilities for the business of Windows)  will power  Windows for the future at Microsoft.

Julie Larson-Green, who now heads Microsoft’s flagship product which makes $18 billion in revenues annually, had successfully overseen the conceptualisation and launch of Windows 7, and was also awarded the Outstanding Technical Leadership in revamping the interface of Microsoft Office 2007  ( she was the one who brought in the now highly popular and easy-to-use elegant solution of the browsable Ribbon ), and according to Steve Ballmer, was the perfect choice to lead Windows. And that Ribbon UI has traveled from Office 2007 to the File Explorer in Windows 8.

According to Ballmer, “Leading Windows engineering is an incredible challenge and opportunity, and as I looked at the technical and business skills required to continue our Windows trajectory — great communication skills, a proven ability to work across product groups, strong design, deep technical expertise, and a history of anticipating and meeting customer needs — it was clear to me that Julie is the best possible person for this job, and I’m excited to have her in this role.”

Since 1993, Larson-Green has worked on and led some of the most successful products for Microsoft, including the user experiences for early versions of Internet Explorer, and helped drive the thinking behind the refresh of the user experience for Microsoft Office. For Windows 7 ( she was Corporate Vice-president of the of “Windows Experience” at Microsoft at the launch of Windows 7 ), and Windows 8 she was responsible for program management, user interface design and research, as well as development of all international releases. She has a master’s degree in software engineering from Seattle University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Washington University. In her new role she will be responsible for all future Windows product development in addition to future hardware opportunities.

With Microsoft being rechristend as a “devices and services company” , and with a future that promises “incredible opportunity for  the 8 million developers building apps for Microsoft devices along with its more than 640,000 partners worldwide, it would be an exciting era for Julie Larson-Green herself, as she takes charge of the Microsoft’s flagship product for the future.

Julie Larson-Green, with ABC News


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