Contact Us is on a mission to increase the number and contribution of  women in leadership and decision making roles across, politics, business, corporate and other fields.

If you are a start-up or a company founded, headed or led by a woman you have passed the first level of filtration. We would also take a look at companies which has at least one woman in their founding team or in their senior decision making roles. Wowelle intends to cover worthwhile and meritorious businesses, innovations, unique concepts and initiatives across all industries and organizational types. So let it be an NGO or a space station, give us a shout.

Please note that every submission goes through a panel consisting of individuals with experience in business, technical, financial and legal before getting to our editorial desk.

You could contact us by writing to If you wish to remain anonymous you could also use the form below.

Here is wishing all those amazing women out there, all the very best.