I am a blogger on the topic of Google AdWords, I work as a Google AdWords consultant and have been for the past 5 years. Being passionate about the industry allows me to provide useful content and tools for my readers. I’ve always been in advertising/marketing in my career and Google AdWords is the ability to do that on a digital platform. It is a competitive space that allows for growth and huge potential, it’s great to see my clients get leads they always dreamed about. However I am a one woman band and work as a freelancer. It is my true suggestion that every company should have a Google AdWords manager. If you are a larger brand and have more to manage it would be best to go with an experienced Google AdWords agency like Matter. This will allow you the freedom of getting a return on investment while not having to manage the strategy at all.

My Passion Is To Share My Knowledge

It has been my passion to share what I know to other people. It brings me joy seeing others applying what I share and get good results out of them. This simply means that in my own little way I have helped someone wherever they are in the world. It’s my strong belief that giving back to the community is a really important aspect of professional development and I also love it!

Live and Let Live

My motto in life is this – live and let live. We only live once. Why not do something to better the lives of others? Share your knowledge if you know it can help a person. Or, give a smile to someone. You might have brightened up their day. I don’t expect anything in return from providing up to date information on my blog, it’s simply to help anyone that needs it!

Take Time

It’s important to take time with any sort of advertising strategy, it is not going to happen over night. It will happen naturally and will be progressive, when starting your first AdWords campaign it is important to remember this fact. Yes, do spend a minute or two and browse around. See if there is something that interests you. Who knows what you have been looking for is just right here on my blog!

Have fun reading and enjoy! If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me any time and I’ll get back to you!