Advertising and Marketing – Booming Industry

Do you know that Internet advertising and marketing is one booming industry? Everywhere you go, you see adverts on Facebook, Google, TV, mobile phones, etc. This means that companies are indeed hungry to get a good cut on the market pie.

They will spend as much as they can in order to ensure they are still in the ballgame. With this in mind, it is evident there is money in this industry.

Gender barriers broken as GM appoints Mary Barra to lead global product development

Mary Barra, is working together with a talented team to develop a new product for a technology company. They are in the planning stage. In week’s time, they will relay the information as to when will be it’s product launching.

According to Barra, its top secret and the product will change the world of technology for sure. It will become a sure hit, especially among those who love their gadgets.


Ela R Bhatt Co-Founder of SEWA wins the social entrepreneur of the world award

The people made a choice. The jury has given the award of Social Entrepreneur Of The World to Ela R Bhatt, on Wednesday.

The award is given to entrepreneurs who have touched the lives of many through the use of social media and their business. One of it’s recipient is R Bhatt. She was deeply honored to have received the award and shared it with other nominees. She said, “the award is for everyone who made a choice and who step up”.